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Business Scope

Leases & Finance Business

We provide finance leases and operating leases, installment sales and credit for office equipment such as MFPs and computers, medical equipment, industrial machine tools and measuring instruments. We also offer loan services including corporate loans, industry-specific loans, housing loans and condominium loans.

In addition, our subsidiary TECHNORENT CO.,LTD. provides rental services mainly for office equipment and measuring instruments.

・Finance Leases
・Operating Leases
・Installment Sales

Services Business

We provide agency services such as invoicing and collecting accounts receivable, to help improve the efficiency of customer invoicing operations. We also offer factoring services for healthcare and nursing-care facilities to improve their cash flows.

・Collection Agency Services
・Factoring Services for Healthcare & Nursing-Care Facilities

Investment Business

We take a flexible approach to business investment which only a financial services firm can adopt and are expanding our business scope through investment in sectors such as the renewable energy sector and the real estate sector. In the solar power generation business, demand is expected to grow amid efforts to achieve the government's CO2 reduction targets, whilst in the housing rental and real estate-related businesses, demographic changes are expected to fuel demand for new homes. We are expanding businesses to keep pace with the changing times and the market needs that will arise as a result.

・Housing Rental and Real Estate
・Solar Power Generation

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