Disclaimer / IR Policy

Disclaimer (Terms of Use)

Before using

The purpose of this website is to provide information for understanding the business content, management policy, management strategy, financial status, etc. of the Company.No content on this website is posted for the purpose of encouraging investment.Users are responsible for making their own investment decisions.

Regarding the disclosure of information on this website, if the publication time is significantly delayed due to preparations, or all the information disclosed by the Company on stock exchanges, etc. is not posted or is disclosed. The expressions may be different, so please understand these before using.In addition, please note that the contents may be changed without notice, or the operation of this website may be interrupted or discontinued.

About the accuracy and reliability of information

Although we pay close attention to the content posted on this website, the information provided includes inaccurate information, typographical errors, and other inappropriate information due to computer malfunction or unauthorized operation by a third party. In some cases, we do not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, or certainty of the content posted on this website.In addition, please note that we are not responsible for any mistakes in the posted contents or damages caused by data download etc.

About future business outlook etc.

The contents of this website other than the past facts are future prospects based on our judgment based on the information currently available, and are risks related to economic conditions, market trends, changes in tax systems and various systems, etc. And contains uncertainties. Therefore, please note that the actual results announced in the future may change due to these various factors.

IR policy

Basic stance of IR activities

We disclose information in accordance with the “Rules for Timely Disclosure of Company Information of Listed Securities Issuers (hereinafter referred to as “Timely Disclosure Rules” )” established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition, regarding information that we judge to affect investment decisions, we will disclose information more accurately, fairly and promptly even if it does not fall under the timely disclosure rules.

Disclosure information

We have established the following standards for information to be disclosed.

About important information to be published

We have positioned the following company information as important information that should be disclosed.

  • Information required to be disclosed by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, timely disclosure rules of each listed stock exchange, etc.
  • Information that may have a significant impact on investment decisions of investors who do not fall under the above

Disclosure method

We will follow the rules below to disclose information.

Rules regarding disclosure location and time (TDnet, etc.)

Disclosure of information that falls under the timely disclosure rules is disclosed on the Timely Disclosure Information Disclosure System (TDnet) after prior explanation to the Tokyo Stock Exchange in accordance with the rules.Information published on TDnet will be posted on this website promptly.In addition, we will inform investors as quickly as possible by appropriate methods for information that does not fall under the timely disclosure rules. Therefore, if you would like to confirm the information disclosed by us, we recommend that you refer to this website as well as other information such as TDnet.

The role of this website

This website is open to investors who want to view our information on the Internet. For fair information disclosure, the information is posted on this website as soon as possible after the information is disclosed, but since the posting time may be delayed, the information disclosure on this website is complementary.

Silence period

In order to prevent information leaks that affect the stock price during the period for preparing financial results announcement materials, we will set a “silence period” two weeks before the financial results announcement and refrain from answering financial comments or questions. However, if there is a possibility that the forecast may differ significantly during the silence period, we will disclose it in a press release as appropriate.