Sustainability Management

The Ricoh Leasing Group is promoting sustainability management based on the “Concept for Sustainability” toward the realization of our management philosophy.

Concept for Sustainability

To realize our Corporate Philosophy, the Group will create common value with society through sincere corporate activities and carry out initiatives designed to achieve a sustainable society. To this end, we will be engaging in the following activities.

Sustainability Actions

  • We will value harmony with the environment, society and economy in all activities of the Ricoh Leasing Group.
  • We will continue business activities that have positive impacts on the global environment.
  • We will achieve a resolution of environmental and social issues with economic growth to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • We will communicate proactively with stakeholders in an effort to continue meeting social expectations.

Overview of Sustainability Management

figure of Overview of Sustainability Management

History of the Ricoh Leasing Group

Ricoh Leasing was established in 1976 for the purpose of supporting sales of Ricoh products, and in cooperation with vendors (sales companies), we have refined our own sales support leasing and supported the capital investment of many customers with leasing and finance. We have grown with the changes of the times by responding to the needs of our customers and society, such as the development of service businesses such as collection agency services and investment businesses that contribute to solving social issues.

Sustainability promotion system

The Ricoh Leasing Group has established a Sustainability Committee to help realize a sustainable society and ensure the Group's sustainable growth through the resolution of social issues. The committee will continue to push the Group's sustainability management forward.
The Sustainability Committee is subordinate to the Management Committee and an advisory body to the President and CEO. It is composed of Corporate Senior Vice Presidents and others in higher positions who also serve as the heads of divisions related to sustainability. It formulates basic policies and plans regarding sustainability management and deliberates on management policies and business activities from the perspective of sustainability.
Matters that should be discussed by this committee are then submitted for discussion and decision-making by the Management Committee. The Management Committee determines the matters to be shared with the Board of Directors, which provides its general consensus is as advice.

figure of sustainability promotion system

Material Issues

We have set four new materialities and are working on each of them in order to promote more positively toward the realization of our goal as a “circulation creation company”.

Contribute to a clean global environment

Contribute to a clean global environment, rooted in environmental circulation

7. Affordable and Clean Energy 9. Industry Innovation and Infrastructure 12. Responsible Consumption and Production 13. Climate Action 17. Partnerships for the Goals

Solar power generation business

In addition to financing power generation equipment, we have been developing our own solar power generation business since 2018.We have been expanding our efforts in the environmental field while diversifying the scope and methods of our efforts, such as outdoor solar power generation, rooftops that do not require construction costs, and reservoir power generation facilities.


Medium- to long-term CO2 reduction

We are aiming for zero GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions in the entire value chain by 2050.We are working to prevent global warming by promoting the introduction of energy-saving product leasing to our customers, introducing eco-friendly cars for our company's company, and controlling the amount of air conditioning used.


Recycling of leased properties

We are promoting the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) by properly collecting leased equipment at the end of the lease contract period.In fiscal 2020, the recycling rate for properties whose leases ended was 89.3% (99.8% for Ricoh products and 85.9% for non-Ricoh products).


Selection of partner companies

We conduct regular field surveys on logistics, sales destinations, and companies involved in disposal, and after confirming that we understand the Group's “idea for sustainability” and carry out appropriate and legal corporate activities. We trade by fair competition.

Enhance quality of life

Creating comfortable “houses” and “living” and services that are indispensable to daily life

3. Good Health and Well-being 4. Quality Education 5. Gender Equality 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 10. Reduced Inequality

Home leasing business

Creating comfortable “houses” and “living” and services that are indispensable to daily life.


Collection agency service

Through the collection agency service, we are contributing to operational efficiency and work style reform.It is a service that reduces the burden of cash exchange and contributes to work style reforms for various industries such as educational sites, home-visit medical care, and home-visit long-term care, and we are aiming for further expansion in the future.


Social contribution type donation

We position “environmental conservation,” “regional revitalization,” and “medical care / long-term care” as priority fields and carry out social contribution activities.The amount calculated according to the amount of the preferential product (QUO card) used by shareholders is donated to various organizations at the expense of Ricoh Leasing (donation amount in 2020: 4.2 million yen).


Mt. Fuji greening activity

Since 2005, we have participated in the greening activities of “Mt. Fuji Green Funding Forest” every year.This activity is underway with a plan that took 2000 to 80 years to regenerate Mt. Fuji, which was damaged by typhoon No. 17 in 1996, into a natural forest with a rich ecosystem.

Develop a virtuous cycle for a sustainable economy

New cycle of business evolution and expansion

3. Good Health and Well-being 7. Affordable and Clean Energy 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 9. Industry Innovation and Infrastructure 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities 17. Partnerships for the Goals

Streamline the contract process

By automating examinations using the “credit model utilizing AI technology” and linking contract data using the contract output system, we have realized a quick and high-quality contract process and are providing sales support to vendors.


Investment by ESG fund

In 2020, we set an investment limit of 20 billion yen, focusing on investment in businesses and companies centered on startups in the ESG field.By organically combining with the Group's business and creating new value, we will contribute to the realization of a “sustainable sound material-cycle society” and at the same time contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.


Promotion of DX

In 2021, it was selected as a “DX Featured Company” of “DX Brand 2021” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.We believe that the position of DX in our management and the transformation of existing businesses by utilizing digital technologies such as “credit model utilizing AI technology” were highly evaluated.


High quality and high efficiency business system

We respond to transactions and contracts with 6,000 vendors and 400,000 customers with a high-quality and highly efficient business system.At the same time as building a mechanism to support small-lot mass processing of about 30,000 monthly examinations and about 10,000 contracts, we will strengthen our ability to respond to increasingly sophisticated and complicated transactions.

Create a happiness company and society

Create an environment where workers can work happily, lively and comfortably

7. Affordable and Clean Energy 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 9. Industry Innovation and Infrastructure 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities 12. Responsible Consumption and Production 13. Climate Action 17. Partnerships for the Goals

Promotion of active participation by women

We believe that the active participation of women, who make up about half of our employees, will be the driving force for future development, and we are actively promoting the participation of women.The ratio of female managers has achieved the target of “20% by 2020” and expressed its support for the Japan Business Federation's efforts to challenge the ratio of female executives to 30% or more by 2030.


Engagement survey

We conduct a quarterly web engagement survey of our employees and share the status of all organizations company-wide.Each of us is trying to improve our engagement by continuously running the PDCA cycle and working on the points that need to be improved with a sense of ownership.


A workplace where people with disabilities can work comfortably

We are actively working to hire people with disabilities and create a work environment where people with disabilities can work comfortably, and have achieved the statutory employment rate of 2.3% for people with disabilities, which was raised in March 2021.We aim to achieve an employment rate of 2.6% or higher for people with disabilities by 2023.


RL Academy

With the production of future management in mind, we are building an employee human resource development program, “RL Academy.” We provide various programs that provide learning opportunities by showing the “ideal form” of each level for the independent career development of employees.